Students offer their perspective on the importance of education

Students offer their perspective on the importance of education

I think education is good to me and many others because it gives us a chance to do and know more. For example, we must learn how to read and write. Without knowing those basic skills it would be hard to get through life. Once we know these skills we can learn almost anything we want to learn. I can’t imagine what it would be like to walk into a restaurant and not be able to read a menu or not be able to fill out a check or even a job application.

I enjoy getting an education because it is fun to learn new things. It’s nice to learn about places I may go when I grow up.

Who knows, maybe someday I will be able to help someone else get an education. That would mean a lot to me. I love learning about good education. — Andria Hargis

It means to learn. Without Education where would we be. Educcation is your life. If you did not have an Education you would die, because you could not get a real job. You could not get food, clothes and a house. You would have to have someone take care of you. Lets just say you can’t live without Education. the end. — Eric Wright

What education means is to go to school and lrne. And to be a good stotit. And it means to lisin to the techer. — Rachal Dyan Laut

If you dont go to school you won’t know how to read or write or anything like grown-ups do. You need to know how to read and write if you want to be a teacher. — Danielle Coffey

I like learning because it is fun. If we did not have education nobody would be smart. Then nobody would know how much their grocerys are, and also I would not be writing this story. — Chrysten Cook

We got to come to school to learn what to do. I want to be a doctor when I grow up. I like the big old cars they have. They get lots of money and you have to have an education to be one. — Brayton Hedgcoth

1. Education is learning a bowt being a good citizen. 2. Education means going to school and getting a good Education. 3. Of you have a good Education you can have a job. The ede. — Darielle Wallis

An education lets you go in a store and figure up you bill without the workers telling you what it is. It is much easier to live with a good education. Be cool graduate from school. Amanda Barnhouse

I like Educatin because you learn new things like math spelling and the other subjects you learn definitions how to use a dictinary, you learn everything from Education. Education Motto – IF YOU KEEP EDUCATION it will kep you. — April Crocker

It means to use our minds and to try hard. It mens to learn ordinary and special kills. Thats what education means to me. — Shelly Watkins Education Accountant

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November 29, 2019