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i get late in taking addmission in college my percentage is higher than needed so i wont to send a mail to the principle sorry for late and please give me addmission i was late because i will in those days when cut off has been relesed so please help me immidately

Add keywords:: i was thats why i am not apply at that time

I am applying to Baccalaureate at Boston University.
1. I need assistance in motivation letter (500 words) writing: ideas evaluation, feedback on structure, checking spelling and grammar, lecsics analysis.
2. CV improvement.

Budget: 150.00 USD - 200.00 USD
Expected Delivery time:: 14 days
What is your deadline:: December 1, 2019
Add keywords:: CV, motivation letter

I am applying for a Masters Program in management at HEC Paris. I need help with writing a motivation letter, reviewing my CV, generating ideas for supplemental essay questions and with recommendation letters from scratch.

Budget: 100.00 USD - 250.00 USD
Expected Delivery time:: 9 days
What is your deadline:: April 15, 2019
Add keywords:: CV, essay, letter, motivation, recommendations