Scholarships helping students pursue higher education

Education is the pathway to success for many people. Whether you plan on entering a four-year or two-year college or if you are thinking of enrolling in a trade or technical school, a degree can open the door to many opportunities.

But many students may have difficulty paying for a degree or diploma because of the high cost of education. A host of scholarships are available in Greene County to reduce the impact of rising tuition costs.

The key to getting a scholarship is to know where to look, said Jennifer Costanza, guidance counselor for Carmichael Area School District’s middle and high schools.

“Scholarships are available based on grades, achievements, interests and special needs,” she said. “For instance, there are scholarships for people who have seizures, scholarships for people who want to be teachers and scholarships for student-athletes. The list of potential scholarships is almost endless.”

Financial aid is available from the federal, state and county governments. The Community Foundation of Greene County helps students find scholarships in their respective areas. Eligibility criteria vary for each scholarship so be sure to carefully review specific guidelines. Most scholarship applications can be completed and submitted online.

Costanza also recommends checking for specific scholarships that are available at colleges and schools. In addition, she advises students to consider other forms of financial aid, such as student loans and work-study programs.

“Before you look at all your financial aid options, you will need to start by filling out a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA),” she said. “This will tell you which types of student financial aid you will be eligible for.”

With all the financial aid options available for students today, there is no reason why students can’t pursue higher education, Costanza said.

“High school guidance counselors are more than happy to assist students and their families find a scholarship that best meets their needs,” Costanza said. “We want to see each student succeed in life.”

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March 8, 2020