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Is IELTS Academic Express Course for me?

IELTS Academic Express course is for those students who are looking for a quick yet effective overview of the IELTS Academic test, the content of each Section, scoring criteria and key winning strategies required. It is an ideal start if you identify yourself with one of the following groups:

  • your IELTS Academic exam is just around the corner and you need an quick yet effective prep
  • you are not sure what IELTS Academic test is all about and if you have sufficient skills and language level to get the score you need
  • you feel proficient in the English language, however, want to be prepared for the test format and perhaps focus your studies on a particular area.

What is the content of IELTS Academic Express?

IELTS Academic Express course is a self-paced online course with detailed video instructions & feedback from the author. This course provides you with a ready-to-use preparation plan and approved practice materials*. We will walk through each section step-by-step, review possible task types, skills tested by each task & strategies required and practice applying these skills. We will also review how each of the sections is scored and what it means in terms of the number of answers you are allowed to miss.

What is the structure of the IELTS Academic Express course?

The course contains 4 modules corresponding to the parts of the IELTS Academic test. In each module you will watch a video-overview of tasks and strategies, review additional materials and complete practical tasks.

You are able to check Reading and Listening manually. IELTS Speaking and Writing tasks will be scored by the teacher*.


*The presentations and materials are created by the author of the course. The tasks are based on the official IELTS samples. All content is free. You are charged only for the feedback on Speaking and Writing.


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