Comprehensive University Application Guide

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COURSE IS UNDER DEVELOPMENT. Please, do not buy it. In the meanwhile you are welcome to access free lessons of the course under “Preview” marks. 

About the Course: World’s most popular step-by-step practice-based guide on university application process. Apply and get admitted to nearly any English-taught Bachelor program in the US, UK, Canada,  Australia, Germany, Netherlands, New Zealand and more with our easy-to-follow instructions and live coaching and tutoring sessions available on request.

Author: The guide it carefully designed by academic director of, Evgeniya Efremova, Ed.M. (Harvard Graduate School of Education ’18) – a Harvard University educated admission consultant and study abroad expert, certified counselor on college admission (Harvard Summer Institute on College Admissions ’14). Since 2008 Evgeniya Efremova helped to more then 800 students to apply and get admitted to world’s most competitive schools worldwide.

Is there a free content? Yes, you will find some free lessons with the “Preview” marks.


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