Free Crashcourse: How to get to a foreign university (Demo)


214 students enrolled

Author: Evgeniya Efremova, Academic Director at EDscanner, Academic Director at Global Ambassador International Education and Consulting, MSc in Mind, Brain and Education (Harvard University), Certified College Counsellor (Harvard Summer Institute on College Admissions).

Course description: This is a demo course, that will be rebuilt and completed by June 2018 and will be provided to every registered user. This course is aimed to familiarize users with the process of application to a university and better understand required skills for an academic success. Not to mention conversion goals.

  • 10 Essential Skills of a Successful Student 

    • Intro
    • Skill 1: Goal setting
    • Test
  • 5 Steps to a Foreign College or University 

    • Step 1: Make a decision
    • Step 2: Learn limitations and programs details
    • Step 3: Get more options
    • Step 4: Prepare application packet
    • Step 5: Meet formal requirement
    • Test

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