About EDscanner

Mission of EDscanner is to provide equal opportunities for prospective students to get education they aspire.

Service provided:

EDscanner.org is an online service marketplace platform that connects providers of services related to university application process, and prospective students looking for expert support on a diverse range of application-related issues.

EDscanner’s services aims to empower students from different parts of the world seeking educational opportunities with high-quality advice.

EDscanner.org does not provide any services itself. Our job is to create a workspace that allows users to buy and sell services in a safe and usable online environment.


We charge a 0% to Students for each completed transaction.

We charge a commission per every completed transaction to service providers. There are no in-advance or regular fees, except for voluntarily chosen advertisement plans. Service providers are charged a commission fee only for completed transactions. The commission rate depends on service provider’s rank and the amount of transaction. Service providers may see their current rank in their private profile. Learn more about our commission.

EDscanner.org is owned and managed “Global Ambassador” International Education & Consulting legally represented by IP Zaykov Maksim Sergeevich, INN 742205834870.

We are an independent company driven by the mission to help individuals from all over the world access the desired level and quality of education globally.

Telephone: +1 365 65 8 0003 (Canada)

Email: support @ edscanner . org (please, delete spaces)