5 Tips to Scholarships for International Students

5 Tips to Scholarships for International Students

International students who search for an opportunity to study abroad face a big challenge. They have to choose a school and a country where they want to study, calculate their budget and expenses, as well as learn how to apply. Thankfully, while education abroad can be really costly, there are some things that can help you get the scholarship of your dreams.

Applying for scholarship can resolve many of your financial problems and provide you with great financial security. There are probably countless options available for students such as yourself. So, all that’s left for you to do is check the tips below and start applying. 1.Research

When something is as challenging and as complicated as this, your first step should always be research. Do you know where you want to study already? If you do, make sure to check the scholarship requirements, maybe even get in touch with people who work at the university to ask them questions.

If you don’t know where you’ll study and what your options are, make sure to perform deep research online. These are some of the most popular scholarships given to international students:

·The Fullbright Scholarship that allows you to study and conduct research in some of the most prestigious United States academic institutions. It’s granted to students, artists, and young professionals.

·The Cappex Heart of America Scholarship that’s available for undergraduate and graduate student who wants to earn a degree in health and occupational safety.

·Berkeley College International Student Scholarship that awards up to 25% of tuition to international student. Their decision on the sum is based on your financial needs or merit.

·GotChosen Scholarship that is awarded to both domestic and international students who need financial aid to pursue their higher education. The amount given with this scholarship is $40K. 2.Make a Strategy

The scholarship application process can be long and tiring, so you want to approach it strategically. This is the time to use your organizational skills. When you perform research and decide on the scholarships you plan to pursue, make sure to organize all the information regarding this.

Firstly, write down what you need, including the university specifics, location specifics, merit specifics, as well as deadlines and rules. You’ll have a limited amount of time to spend on the application process and you definitely want to be ready for this. Then, note down all the paperwork and documents you need to apply, and make sure to gather the data before the application time begins. You’ll need all kinds of things to impress and get a scholarship, including references, school transcripts, papers you’ve written, etc.


This is where you have a big advantage nowadays – you have technology on your side. You don’t have to write actual letters and wait for them to be delivered. Most of the things concerning scholarships are processed throughout digital messages.

As soon as you can, get in touch with the universities and advisors in the schools you want to attend. Ask them for any details and definitely ask questions if you have any. Communication can make all the difference in your chances to land a scholarship. 4.Take Your Sweet Time Writing

Most of the scholarship application process requires writing. You’ll have to submit piles of paperwork, so get started as soon as possible. You need to perform research, think of a great idea for your scholarship essay, make an outline, write and edit. There’s quite a lot to do, and the pressure is bigger than ever. If this is causing you headaches and you don’t think your essay skills are sufficient to grant you that scholarship, you should know that Edubirdie writes your scholarship essays with amazing results. This is an extraordinary service that you can use if you get stuck, knowing that they’ll create the best scholarship essay for you. 5.Gather the References

Many scholarships nowadays require reference letter . Or at least, they’ll require that you provide them with contact information of your professors or former employers. This is the time to get proactive. Don’t just list people in your application before speaking to them first. Ask for letters of reference and permissions to give their contact information. This way, you’ll be sure that if they call them, it will go well for you.

Scholarships are about financial assistance and aimed toward your education, which is a really important step for your success in the future. This is why you need to tackle the applications carefully and with a great deal of organization. Thankfully, there are many scholarships now available to international students, so explore all your options for the best education you can get.

Emma Rundle is an essay writer for an academic writing service in the US. She works on academic projects with the goal to help students. Her focus is on scholarship essays and applications.

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March 8, 2020